My name is Gracie Fasani and I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Denver, Colorado.
I was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, a community known for its love and support of the arts. I studied art, photography, and design in public school, and moved on to study and graduate from the University of Kansas with a BFA in Visual Communications. Through my studies and my work experience, I have fostered a love for storytelling through design. 
While working as a Graphic Designer at Crush Studio, I had the opportunity to collaborate with companies such as LG, Pizza Hut, Yahoo, Apartment List and Frida Mom helping to create experiential environments that feature environmental graphics, custom patterns and illustrations, and brand specific collateral. As a freelancer, I have been able to collaborate with small businesses and non-profits to create branding that tells their stories, as well as larger companies such as Microsoft and Meta to help create interactive and exciting events. 
When I am not designing or drawing for work, I am designing and drawing for fun. And when I am not designing or drawing at all, I am busy baking bread, eating my weight in empanadas, or playing video games in the company of my husband and our four pets. 
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