GoodLove Foods™ has a love for providing their customers with celiac-safe food options that are better than they remember, and want to change the expectation for gluten-free food.
Made with love by us, home-baked to perfection by you.
Cooked up by Founder Chennelle Diong, GoodLove™ is a passion project infused with 80s nostalgia and love. But it is not just another brand riding a trend wave, nor is it your run of the mill gluten-free product. As a celiac herself, Chennelle knows how hard it can be to have truly uncontaminated 100% Gluten-Free foods, and what having non-celiac safe foods can mean for your health. With a focus on safety and taste, GoodLove™ caters to those with Celiac Disease but appeals to a greater audience of foodies and gluten-free dieters.
To stand out in the freezer section, the branding and packaging is nostalgia wrapped in a rainbow. Hard to miss for new customers, and easy to locate for returning ones. Their voice is fun, unique, and inclusive, and the product is better than you remember baked goods could be. 

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